First Time Home Buyer Security Tips

Buying your first home is a big decision that can be exciting and stressful. Make sure you take time to consider all of the details and these home buyer security tips before signing on anything or putting money down! Red flags regarding properties include signs it’s not safe in or near the neighbourhood, which might make buying more difficult for future buyers who are afraid they’ll never recover their investment if something happens like crime goes up due so much publicity then people selling may refuse transactions all together because no one wants any bad headlines associated with them after announcing plans to sell their home again – even though this doesn’t always pan out as expected. The last thing you want to do is regret buying into a less desirable street or suburb. It’s one of the biggest investments many people will ever make, so why not go with something that feels right for your needs and preferences?

Las Vegas Nevada is a great and thriving city to live in, however, property crime happen all to often. Rated as the 12th highest city in property crime, in the United States, homeowners in the area are no stranger to the threat they face on a daily basis.

While Las Vegas Metro statistics show that burglaries are up 9.4% in Las Vegas this year, according to the Las Vegas Review Journal, the second-greatest increase was reported in Summerlin, where burglaries were up 33% as of June 25 compared with this time last year. Las Vegas police department data shows Summerlin detectives have responded to over 470 burglaries in the Summerlin area.

If you’re a first time home buyer moving to the growing housing market that is Las Vegas. We recommend following these following home buyer security tips to make sure you pick the most safe and secure home.

Research Your Neighborhood and Community

Before purchasing a house, make sure to check out other properties in the same neighborhood and drive around for an idea of what the neighborhood is like. Are there signs of vandalism? If yes, this is a red flag because the vandalism will only get worse over time. Especially in todays chaotic and depressed post lockdown world.

It’s no secret that appearances do matter. If the home is well-maintained and looks good from a distance, this might be some indication of how hardworking its residents are in keeping up with neighborhood standards! Rock or even green gardens encompassed properties often mean the homeowners are individuals who won’t hesitate to invest extra time on maintaining their homes’ exterior as well as interior maintenance – which means you know what kind of people live around here right away.

To learn more about how to keep informed on criminal activity in the area you are thinking about settling down in, be sure to check out our last blog post.


Look Into the Area’s Crime Rate and Stay Connected with the Community

Did you know that it is possible to find local crime statistics and compare what’s happening in various suburbs? Its as easy as going to the LVPD’s website to view the latest reports.

If you are interested in ways to stay connected and informed on the criminal activity in your, soon to be, neighborhood. Check out our last blog post to learn a few tricks to get you started!

Take Lighting and Location Into Consideration

Here’s another simple first time home buyer security tip. Go for a drive around the neighborhood at night. Pay close attention to how well lit the neighborhood and house itself it lit up. Another important factor is the location of your home. A house’s location on its lot may not always be ideal, but it is important to consider if its location could be a problem. If there are any places that seem dark or there are potential hiding spots behind hedges and shrubs, install motion sensor flood lights to illuminate the dark. Lighting has been proven as an affective way to eliminate potential hiding spots for would be burglars attempting to burglarize a home.


first time home buyer security tips to help you prevent your home from falling victim to a break in

Important Home Buyer Security Tip: Confirm All Entry Points are Secure!

It’s easy to overlook this simple yet important detail when we are engaged in the beauty of our potential new home, but it’s something you want to make sure you add to your checklist when viewing a property.

The ground floor access points to your home are typically where thieves will try and enter first. Make sure when you’re attending an open house that these areas – like doors, windows or side gates- can be securely locked with a key or proximity card so they don’t get in! Look out for structures like sheds which may offer easy entry into other parts of property; also make sure there aren’t overgrown trees nearby as this could provide another possible point of entry into the house.

If you feel that the entry points are not as well protected as you’d prefer but still want premium protection for your home, Security Plus Las Vegas can help. We provide our customers with premier security screens that stop intruders at the point of entry with high tensil steel mesh and aluminum frames that will NOT break or dent even under intense pressure from an intruder trying to force it open! WE GUARANTEE IT! We custome build each screen to order so that our screens can protect any size opening in your home.

Look Into Installing a Professional Security System

For complete piece of mind when buying a home, nothing beats the combination of having premier security screens (as mentioned above), as well as, a monitor security system installed. There are multiple types of home security systems on the market and you can read our blog to learn which type of system best fits your needs.

With security screens on all vulnerable entry points and a security system of your choosing installed on your property, you will transform your property into a fortress! Detering any would be burglar from even attempting to break into your home.

Its important to remember that most burglars are looking for easy targets. Low risk and high reward targets. If a home is goping to be too difficult and take too long to get into, they will simp[ly move on and find another target.

The most important decision you will ever make is buying a home. But by choosing wisely and being cautious from day one, not only do I have less chances that something bad can happen but also knowing everything has been taken care off in advance makes life so much more comfortable!

Let us know in the comments below what you thought of this blog post and if you have any first time home buyer security tips you would like to share. We love to hear it!

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