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Security Screen Care Guide

Easy to Follow Security Screen Maintenance Guide

Suggested Security Screen Care Guide

Keeping your security screens in great condition is easy with our security screen care guide. A simple regular cleaning routine will ensure that the performance, appearance and functionality of Meshtec products are preserved for many years to come.

When purchasing Security Plus security screens, manufactured by Mestec, you can be assured of consistent quality and high corrosion resistance.

To maintain the manufacturer warranties, it is essential to follow the suggested security screen care guide.

Meshtec stainless steel mesh is highly corrosion resistant. However, all mesh types can act as a filter that trap airborne dust, dirt, and impurities causing visual defects to your security door and window screens.

Please follow the specific cleaning advice provided in this security screen care guide to keep your products looking and performing at their best.


Regularly clean your security screens in accordance with envirnmental factors:

Security Plus security screen care guide maintenance table

Security Screen Care Guide Cleaning Method:

  • To Clean, wash down the mesh and frame using a hose or pressure washer
  • Use a mixture of detergent and water
  • Wipe down mesh and frame using a soft cloth
  • Be sure to remove excess moisture when done
  • Avoid using any sharp objects or materials with your window and door screens to prevent any visual defects


  • External contaminants that come into contact with your security screens (such as bird droppings) are very acidic and can quickly burn and damage the powdercoat finish.
  • These external contaminants must be cleaned immediately with a mild detergent.


Las Vegas Security screen Warranties

Meshtec 10yr security screen warrenty

10 year manufacturer warranty

Powder Coating Warranty for a period of 10 years from the date of original installation of Meshtec window and door security screens.

Security Plus Las Vegas offers a life time warrenty on our security screens

Lifetime break-in guarantee

Security Plus LLC ensures a Lifetime Break-in Prevention Warranty covering up to $5000 in damages caused by a break-in as well as the full cost to repair or replace your security screen(s) damaged by a burglar.

Meshtec 1 year security screen hardware warranty

1 year manufacturer warranty

Hardware Warranty for a period of one year from the date of original installation of all hardware.


  • Interest Free Financing
  • Federal Clean Energy RebatE
  • Steel thread (.031 – .047)
  • Break-In Guarantee
  • expedited installation
  • Backed by state of nevada

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