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What Are security screens?

Security Screens look like standard fiberglass window and door screens, however, premium security screens are made with aircraft grade steel mesh that is woven together to give you the ultimate protection while not comprimising the view out of your home or business.

Security screen doors are built with a triple interlocking system.

All Mestec security screens are built with a patented reinforced security clamp that fastens into the woven mesh that provides a reinforced grip whenpressure is applied to the mesh screen.

What is a triple interlocking system?

The triple interlocking system is comprised of a hook latch on top, deadbolt in the middle, and a hook latch on the bootom of the door.

What Color Options Do you Offer for the Frames?

We offer 7 standard colors, as well as, thousands of customizable colors options (custom colors have an addition fee) to complement your existing home or business color scheme.

View our 7 standard security screen colors here.

Do security screens provide solar protection?

Yes, our security screens are scientifically tested and proven to block out 60% of harmful UV rays. For the condumer this means that on average they keep your home about 5 degrees cooler, reducing the cost of constantly running you AC unit during the hot summer months.

All of our security screens a backed by the state of Nevada’s Clean Energy Program.

How much do security screens cost?

Since every security screen is custom built to each and every order, it can be difficult to give a specific price. However, if you are looking to install a single hinged security screen door, your budget should be between $1400 to $2000.

Do you offer financing?

Yes, through Enhancify we are able to offer many different financing options including interest free financing.

Click the link above to get qualified in only a few seconds!

Do security Screens Require Maintenance?

Yes, it is reccomended that every few months you wash and wipe down your security screens. Removing built up dust and dirt, as well as, greasing roller tracks with silicon lubricant.

To Learn More about how to maintenance your security screens view our easy to follow security screen care guide here.

Do your security screens rust, fade or weather?

No, our security screens are built with 316 aluminum steel and have a marine grade powder coating on t\\them. This coating prevents our screens from tea staining and rusting that would normally be caused by being exposed to the elements.

Are there any security screen warranties offered?

Yes, There are 3 warranties:

  1. 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty – Covers hinges, locks, handle and rollers
  2. 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty – Covers the mesh and sash against rust, corrosion and / or peeling
  3. Security Plus’ Lifetime Break-in Prevention Guarantee – If a burglar is able to get through one of our security screens and break into your home or business, we will not only replace your damaged screen(s), but we will also give you up to $3000.

Not covered under any warranty is normal wear and tear or if the security screen(s) are damaged in any way apart from a break-in.

Do You offer a refferal program?

Yes! For each customer you refer, you will receive a $100 Visa Gift Card after their installation is complete.

Additionally, for a limited time, refer us 5 customers who purchase security screens and we will give you and install 1 single hinge security door or up to $2000 in window security screens.

Where are your security screens manufactured?

Majestec manufactures our security screens out of Redondo Beach, California. You can learn more at Majestec Security Screens  

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