Types of Security Systems


No more worrying about safety and security of your home or business. It’s time to take action and look into a security system for peace of mind. Thankfully, these days there are plenty of them to choose from. To help you make the best choice that will fit all your security needs. We have compiled a list of the different types of home security systems, available in 2021.


1) Local Security Alarm Systems


This is the simplest of all home security system types.


Local alarm systems are different from wired and wireless systems in the way that they are not monitored. You install the sensors (i.e. cameras or motion sensors) yourself through out the interior and exterior of your property. Local security systems do not have central control panels. Instead, you can control and even access live views directly from your phone or tablet.


Local alarm systems can be pricey up front ,depending on what type of system you choose. However, they typically do not come with a monitoring company so long-term, they can be very cost efficient.


2) Wired Security Alarm System


Wired security systems are a standard amongst most business offices and store fronts. They include motion detectors, infrared sensors and cameras. All these devices are wired to a central control panel, as well as a “black box”. The black box saves all recordings for a set period of time before dumping to make room for new footage.


If the wired alarm system is tripped without being deactivated in a set amount of time, the alarm sounds, and the monitoring company is notified. When the monitoring company receives an alert, they immediately attempt to reach the home or business owner. If they are unsuccessful in reaching the account holder then the local authorities are contacted.


Wired systems generally have a high installation fee as well a recurring monthly cost depending on what service and provider you choose.


3) Wireless Security Alarm Systems


Wireless security alarm systems work similar to wired security systems only, as the name entails, without need for wires connecting everything. Wireless systems still come with a central control panel. You are also able to seamlessly monitor and control your system of cameras from your phone or tablet.


Just like the Wired security systems, when your wireless alarm system is tripped, the alarm sounds, and your monitoring company is notified. You also receive a notification on your phone or tablet. If you do not respond to the notification then, your monitoring company will attempt to reach you. If they are unsuccessful in contacting you then local emergency services are contacted.


Wireless systems have one of the highest price tags on the market. Utilizing latest Bluetooth and data-based technology as well as a monitoring company. The installation fee may be less than that of a wired system however, you can expect a higher monthly service fee.


4) Door and Window Security Screens


Premium Security Screens have been the leader in burglary prevention in Australia for over 40 years. Over the past 5 years they have been making their transition into the US market. Security Screens do not simply record a break in. Instead they act as a physical barrier on your home or business. Stopping intruders at the point of entry!

patio enclosure french door security screens

If you are looking for the ultimate level of protection for your home or business, then the wide ranges of screen types and colors are the best choice for you. Forget about putting ugly, clunky bars on your windows. Or even metal screens that rust over time on your doors. Security window and door screens are an excellent complement to any style home or business. What’s even better is they are backed by a lifetime break-in guarantee.


Security screens are a premium product and tend to have a high upfront cost for the product and installation. However, since there is no monitoring service attached, there are no additional monthly charges. Long term these screens are the best security investment you can make. Not only doPremium security screens increase your property value. But, they are recognized by some security alarm companies and if combined, can save you monthly on your service plan.


Which Security System Fits Your Needs?


Hopefully, the list above has helped you decide which type of security system you want to install for your property. The ultimate security system is a combination of an alarm system with security screens. Burglaries and home invasions should be treated much like healthcare. Preventative actions are the best for keeping your loved ones safe. Investing in security can save you hundreds if not thousands down the line.


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