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Security Plus LLC. (“the Company”) realizes the importance of the Personal Data Protection and compliance with the law for the management and protection of Personal Data of our customers. Therefore, the Company provides this privacy notice to inform our customers to acknowledge in relation to the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal data complied with the Personal Data Protection Act, B.E. 2562 (2019) and relevant laws. This privacy notice informs you concerning the procedure of the collection, use, or disclosure of Personal Data, category of data and the objective of the processing including to the detail relation to the retention period, the disclosure to another person, the confidentiality and safety of your Personal Data as well as the procedure of contact company.

This privacy notice applies to our customers:

A. Individual Customers: Past and present customers; and

B. Corporate Customers: Directors, shareholders, employees, legal representatives of our past and present corporate customers, and other individuals authorized to act on their behalf.

C. Non-Customers: Mentioned persons are included individuals are not serviced by us, but the company has the necessary to collect, use, or disclose Personal Data such as any person visits our website or uses our applications, or obtained our service at company office; directors or legal representatives of a company that obtained our services, their consultant including their legal representatives of mentioned persons.


The Company may collect and use cookies and similar technologies when you use our website or applications. The collection of such cookies and similar technologies helps us to memorize you, acknowledge your preferences, and improve how we will offer you our products and/or services. The Company may use cookies for several purposes (e.g., enabling and operating basic functions, help us understand how you interact with our websites or emails, help us to improve your online experiences or communications with you better ever, and to ensure that online advertisement displayed related to you and what you’re interested in).

Data Protection Officer

The Company has complied with the Personal Data Protection Act, by appointing a Data Protection Officer (DPO) in order to audit the Company’s collection, using, and disclosure of Personal Data to conform with the Personal Data Protection Act, and other relevant laws.

Amendment of the Privacy Notice

The Company may regularly review this Privacy Notice Policy in order to comfort with the practice and relevant laws. In case of changes thereto, the Company will notify by appropriate advertisement channels.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the protection of your Personal Data or if you wish to exercise your rights please contact:

Data Protection Officer (DPO) Security Plus LLC


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