Prepping Home Security For The Holiday Season

For most of us, the holiday season is a time to be with family and friends. For some people this means they travel home for an upcoming celebration whereas others might find themselves traveling out of town. With home invasion rates already on a rise in Las Vegas, it’s important to make sure your home security is up to date.

Last month (August 2021) Summerlin had over 55 burglaries reported and according to 8newsnow, one burglary became deadly when a juvenile stabbed the home owner during his attempted theft.

The Associated Press reports that this is just another in an increasing number of cases where things did not go as planned for criminals attempting break-ins at residential properties. This is why it is an important time to evaluate your home security, including taking a closer look at your household’s daily movements and putting appropriate security measures in place.

Address Any Gaps in Your Home Security

Addressing gaps in your home security can be as simple as walking around your property, both inside and out, while looking for things like broken window or door locks, gaps in fenses or even trees or bushes that can provide access to other areas of your home such as the second floor. Consider installing deterrents such as motion sensor lights to illuminate dark areas or security cameras to monitor your home when you are away. If you are looking to really be proactive about preventing a break-in then companies like Security Plus will custom build and install premium security screens to fit any size window or door. These screens have patented technology that is guaranteed to stop any intruder from entering your home and the best part is they look like traditional fiberglass screens.


Look Into the Area’s Crime Rate and Stay Connected with the Community

Did you know that it’s possible to compare crime statistics from various suburbs by county? Its as easy as going to the LVPD’s website to view the latest reports.

If you are interested in ways to stay connected and informed on the criminal activity in your, soon to be, neighborhood. Take a minute to read our past blogs to learn a few tricks to get you started!

Complacency is not Your Friend

Home security is a serious issue that many people take lightly. In fact, leaving your windows and doors unlocked on the odd occasion opens you up to crime as well! Remember: if someone can get in without any problems then it’ll be simple for them do so again next time – don’t make their job easier by hiding spare keys where they might find them or leave them in an obvious place like outside under doorstep mat. Thieves know exactly what spots we look there because these are very common “secret” hiding spots (mailboxes are particularly high profile). It’s best to leave a spare key with a trusted neighbor or friend instead. Make sure everything inside looks neat at all times too – even though upgraded locks and security screens will deter burglars, leaving valuables on display will only tempt the would be criminal to find another way inside.

Burglar Leaving Home, dont get complacent about your home security

Be Cautious of Vehicle Theft

It’s easy to overlook this simply becasue most of us think that when we park in our driveways, in  front of our homes or even in our garages, ours vehicles are safe. The fact is car thefts have risen 21% in Las Vegas compared to this time last year. Always make sure you lock your car, keep your windows rolled up and your valuables out of sight and if you can, install anti-theft devices like a low-jack. In the unfortunate event that your car is stolen DON’T Panic. Visit the LVPD’s website on auto theft to learn exactly what to do in this scenario.

If a burglar does manage to gain access to your garage or even home, they are more than likely looking to steal more than just small amterial objects like your wallet, handbags, electronic devices and jewellery. They will be going over personal documentation that will lead to identity theft, as well as, keys to your vehicles. It’s hard to beat the feeling of driving away in your new car and then realizing it’s been taken. Not only is this an inconvenience, but if you’re on holiday or out with friends when it happens-it may turn into something much worse as there will be no way for them return home until they know what happened!

While the holiday season can lead to an increase in crime at home, there are measures you can take to ensure you do not become just another statistic. Always remember to keep your doors and windows locked, reinforce any weakpoints, trim back hedges and trees that may lead to other areas of the home and always make sure your valuables are stored in a safe and out of sight place. Lastly,, if you have a security system installed, make sure you use it! It’s amazing how many people forget to turn on their home security systems when running out of the door, but don’t worry! It only takes a minute and will save you from a world of pain.

We hope you enjoyed this blog post, if you are interested in upgrading your home or business with steel mesh security screens, contact the professionals over at Security Plus Las Vegas and schedule a FREE consultation today! Let us know your thoughts and anything you may want to add in the comments below!

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