Security Screen Doors – Do’s and Don’ts

Crime across the United States is at an all-time high. A break-in occurs every 26 seconds on average in the US. An increasing amount of homeowners are investing in their home security with many finding security screen doors to be the investment.

Security screen doors and windows look like standard fiberglass screens, but they are one of the only products on the market that actually prevent break ins. Typically made of steel mesh and aluminum frames that are mounted onto the frame of your doors and windows, there are many differences to be aware of when choosing which screens work best for you. Here are some dos and don’ts to help you pick the best option for your home or business.


Do Keep in Mind the Design of your Home when Selecting a Security Screen Door


Matching the aesthetic of your home is key. Thankfully, security screen doors and windows have a premium and elegant look to them. So much so that people passing by can mistake them for regular screens until they feel the high-quality mesh. Manufacturers tend to offer their security screens in a verity of colors so be sure to find which color matches the design you have for your home. It is important to keep in mind that these are a permanent addition to your home or business so choose wisely.

Don’t Go with a Cast Iron Security Door


Don’t get me wrong, cast-iron bars and screens get the job done but they don’t stand the test of time. Modern times call for modern styles to increase the value of your home. Cast iron bars and screens do not only fail to keep up with changing home design trends but they also fail to handle the effects of weathering. Security Plus offers premium security screens that will modernize any home’s look and that are coated with a marine-grade layer. This prevents the screens from tea staining and corrosion. This ensures that the investment you make installing these on your home will hold its value for years to come.


Do Decide Where You Want to Install Your Security Screen Doors Beforehand


Consider the most vulnerable to break-in areas in your home. Front back and side doors are major targets for burglars, but also take into consideration windows that are small, out of sight and/ or are placed closed enough to doors that one could potentially reach in and unlock the door. Another thing to look out for is if there are any trees or structures someone could possibly use to access the upper level(s) of your home.

Don’t Overlook Small Windows by Doors


Burglars are typically looking for houses that are easy targets. If they find a house that is going to be too difficult to get into, they will simply move onto the next home. As stated above, some homes have windows next to the front door. If you only install a security screen on the front door, your home can still be considered an easy target. So, your goal should be to eliminate all easy access points on your home. Work with security professionals to find the best solution to protect both your door(s) and windows.


Do Check with Your HOA


The last thing you want is to spend all this money only to find out your HOA won’t allow the installation to take place. Be sure to do your research beforehand. Most security screen providers are HOA compliant but even then, different HOAs have different processes on how they handle the application process. Don’t Forget to View and Feel the Product in Person Before Purchasing Every security screen manufacturer claims their product is the best, however the quality of the product differs from one to the next. The best way to know you are getting the best product in your market is to feel it for yourself. Meshtec has been in business for over 60 years and when you feel their doors you can feel the quality. The handles are firm, and their doors sit in their frames without any sort of unwanted movement.


Do Compare Pricing from Multiple Security Screen Companies


Custom security screens have a pretty price tag to them. Therefore, it is important to shop around and not just go for the first person you talk to. As mentioned, the quality from one manufacturer to another differs heavily and it is important to make sure you are getting the most out of your money. No matter who you go with, make sure you do yourself the favor and invest in your home and peace of mind that, whether you are home or away, your loved ones and valuables are safe.


Don’t Be Fooled by Price


Some security screen companies like to nickel and dime you. Just because they have a higher price tag does NOT mean it’s better quality. Security screens are becoming more widely available and in so are not as expensive as they used to be. Be sure to do your research.

Do Your Research


When it comes to selecting security screen doors, here are a few things to look for:


  • The thickness in the thread of the mesh. Typical thread range you want is 0.31 to 0.047 mm
  • Grade of steel mesh used, recommended 316 marine grade steel
  • Triple Interlocking system. This ensures that the screen can NOT simply be pried open with a crowbar.
  • Reinforced frames/ Aluminum alloy frames built to resist expansion and contraction due to weathering
  • Tea stain Resistance
  • Is the handle firm?
  • Does the screen rattle when you shake it?
  • What type of fastening system is used?
  • Are there any manufacturer warranties? What exactly does the warranty cover and for how long?
  • Who is the manufacturer?
  • Built to order or “one size fits all”
  • Color Customization – the more variety of color choices for both the frame and mesh the better



Don’t rush Your Decision


Consider this, when you buy a car, do you jump on the first option given to you or do take your time to make a wise decision? Having security screens is not as large as a purchase of a car but will still set you back a couple thousand. Think of it as investing into your home and your piece of mind. The right security screen door can make an enormous difference in the safety and well-being of your family. Take your time when making this decision to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck.


We love to hear feedback from our viewers. In the comments below, tell us about some does and don’ts you have when it considering security screen doors for your home or business.


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