5 Best Affordable Deadbolt Locks of 2022

Upgrade your Security with affordable deadbolt locks

Having too many keys can be a hassle, however not everyone wants to pay and arm and a leg for an expensive smart lock to alleviate this stressor. To help you select the best affordable deadbolt lock that meets your wants and needs, we went ahead and reviewed the 5 best affordable door locks of 2022.

Here at Security Plus in Las Vegas we primarily provide our customers with premium security screens that STOP burglars at the point of entry and come with pancake lock cylinders that can be keyed to one single key for your entire property. We also provide all of our customers with information on a variety of security products from 3M Glass film to effective and affordable deadbolt locks.

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Schlage Camelot Keypad deadbolt door lock

Schlage Camelot Keypad Deadbolt 

Price: $93.96

Summary: Schlage door hardware has been trusted for over 100 years. Their affordable deadbolt lock provides easy access even when there’s no power in circulation with its battery operated feature that can be installed anywhere you need maximum security such as front, side or even garage doors.

Best Features:

  • Easily pair with other Schlage keypad door locks
  • Create and delete up to 19 access codes for friends, family, contractors, etc.
  • Highest industry ratings for durability, finish and security.
OrangeIOT cheap door lock

OrangeIOT Keyless Entry Affordable Deadbolt lock

Price: $38.15

Summary: The OrangeIOT keyless entry deadbolt door lock delivers both convenience and security with its advanced and reliable single cylinder keypad lock. With a 4 to 10 digit passcode, you can enter your home with just push of a button. You also get more control over who has access to your property when you are away. With unique temporary codes for service personnel, family members, or friends.

Best Features:

  • The sleek, streamlined design of this digital door lock will add a modern touch to any home. The satin nickel finish and oval shaped feature are perfect for either traditional rustic homes or more contemporary spaces!
  • You can count on fast unlocking, ip54 weather resistance, long term durability anti peeping user code protection, as well as, low battery indicator
  • Give your pet sitter one time access code to enter while you are out of town, or give up 20 easy-to remember user codes for friends and family so they don’t have trouble getting in. This keypad door lock also allows setting the automatic locking function on after 10 – 99 seconds (or 1 touch), never worrying about whether it was actually locked!
Hornbill Smart Deadbolt Lock

Hornbill Smart Deadbolt Lock

Price: $98.97

Summary: Hornbill is a leader in manufacturing and design of smart locks that exceed industry standards. This smart deadbolt door lock is perfect for those who rent out there property as well as renters and home owners alike. The door lock can stoer over 300 codes including multiple types of codes such as timed, recurring, permanent and custom codes, allowing you to create the right code for any situation.

Best Features:

  • Longer and more reliable battery lifespan. Both the front and back panel are made of Zinc Alloy with anti-impact technology making them suitable for any weather condition
  • The smart lock app will remind you when it is time to replace the battery
  • in case of an emergency, use a 9V battery to temporarily charge your keyless door lock.
Megaflint keyless entry door lock

Megaflint Keyless Entry Affordable Deadbolt Lock

Price: $55.79

Summary: The Megaflint keyless entry door lock is an easy to install and easy to use deadbolt lock. Suitable for standard prepared doors and 100% mechanical means no risk of running into low battery issues. The keypad allows for keyless entry and exit or if you like, you can use the mechanical key.

Best Features:

  • Strong lock, made of stainless steel #304
  • 100% mechanical
  • No Battery Required
HuTools Keyless Entry Deadbolt Door Lock

HuTools Keyless Entry Deadbolt Door Lock

Price: $39.99

Summary: Affordable and easy to install, providing extra security for your home with a convenient keyless entry function. The HuTool keyless deadbolt door lock has a blue back-light that makes the numbers readily visible in the dark with just one touch.

Best Features:

  • Keyless freedom, access your home with keyless convenience and ease using a highly responsive illuminated touch pad programmable up to 20 user codes in 4-10 digits; 1 single use temporary code for you that can be shared among house sitter Dogsitters or guests alike. No more worrying about coming back home just so someone doesn’t get locked outside!
  • Forgot to lock your door behind you? Don’t worry about it, The HuTool Keyless Entry Door Lock has a 10 to 99 second automatic lock delay time to ensure your piece of mind in case you ever do forget.
  • This keyless entry door lock comes with a vacation mode, which blocks unwanted entry for all user codes. You can also lockout 20 of your own chosen pins if need be; there’s only one master code and physical key required to unlock everything else!

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