Reasons to invest in premium security screens

When it comes to keeping your property and loved ones safe, it’s important to stay informed about crime rates in your area. Unfortunately, for residents of Clark County, Nevada, the statistics are not in their favor. Clark County is rated 12th highest in the United States for property crime and to make matters worse, according to property crime is up 2.06% since 2021.

This increase in property crime means that it’s more important than ever for residents of Clark County to take steps to protect their homes and businesses. Whether you’re a homeowner, a business owner, or a renter, there are things you can do to keep your property safe from burglars and other criminals.

As we can see in the Google Trends graph below, there has been a gradual increase in the interest of home security nationwide over the last year. The good news is that there are many different strategies and tools available to help you protect your property. From security cameras and alarms to premium security screens and smart locks, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Clark County property crime rates increases over past year 2022 to 2023

In this blog we will be going over reasons why you should invest in the ultimate security system, Premium Security Screens for windows and doors. 


  1. Ultimate Protection Against Intruders
  2. Protection Against Natural Disasters
  3. Increased Privacy While Retaining your View
  4. Financial Benefits
  5. Convenience & Piece of Mind
  6. Energy Efficiency
  7. Keeps your Pets and Kids in and Wildlife Out

Premium Security Screens Provide the Ultimate Protection Against Intruders:

Unlike security monitoring systems such as cameras, motion sensors and alarms that just simply alert you and record when someone is trespassing on your property, premium security screens act as a physical barrier to protect you and your family from the threat of crime. They are made of heavy-duty steel mesh that is designed to stand up against attempts at forced entry, protecting your home or business from burglars and other criminals. It also serves as an effective deterrent since most would-be burglars are looking for a property they can get in and out of in minutes.

Protect Your Property Against Natural Disasters with Security Screens:

Meshtec Security screens sold by Security Plus in Las Vegas are rated to withstand up to category 4 hurricane winds (wind speeds of up to 156 mph). Protecting your home or business from flying debris and preventing anyone from being able to break open a door or window on your property.

More Information on Meshtec Premium Security Screens

  • Screens are made with a 12×12 premium series weave
  • Powder coated 316 grade stainless steel prevents weathering
  • Pre-treated to prevent expansion and contraction of the metal due to changing of outside temperature
  • 0.031 – 0.047 steal thread used for mesh screen
  • Meshtec is the only company to have a patented reverse clamp built into the frame of their screens, adding an additional layer of security to their premium security screens.

Increase Privacy While Retaining your View:

Security screens can also provide increased privacy for your home or business. The mesh is woven in a pull and weave pattern that blocks the view of outsiders, while still allowing natural light to enter the space and not hindering any view you may have out of your property. Why obstruct your view with iron bars or gates that look bad and can potentially lower your property value when you can have the ultimate protection with a modern minimalistic look?

Premium security screens are scientifically proven to block out harmful UV rays

Financial Benefits of Investing in Premium Security Screens for Your Home or Business:

Security screens can also provide financial benefits to the homeowner or business owner. Installing security screens on your property can reduce insurance premiums by decreasing the risk of theft and vandalism, as well as reducing energy costs by blocking out outside air.

Security Plus’ Security Screens are Energy Efficient:

Security screens can also help to improve the energy efficiency of your home or business. Our Las Vegas security screens are scientifically proven to block out 60% of harmful UV rays, helping to keep your space cool and comfortable. (To the left you can see testing done by PTEC labs measuring the average percentage of filtering at UV and visible range).

But what does that mean for you? Well, the reduction of UV rays entering your home can lead to reduced energy costs and a more comfortable living or working environment, especially during the hot summer months in the Las Vegas desert.

Because of this Security Plus is the only company backed by the Nevada State clean energy program. To learn more about how you can receive up to 30% back on your order of security screens contact one of our sales consultants.

Convenience & Piece of Mind:

Finally, security screens also provide convenience. With security screens installed, you can rest easy knowing that your property is safe and secure when you’re away from home. You won’t need to worry about constantly checking security cameras or setting alarms when you are away from home, going to bed, or if you simply want to leave the door open to let the morning breeze in. Our premium security screens will always be there to protect your family, property and peace of mind.

Our Security Screens Will Keeps your Pets and Kids In and Wildlife Out:

Many of our customers have large dogs and have asked us, “my dog has destroyed our screens in the past, will he destroy these new screens?” and to them we say, absolutely not. Our premium security screens are built to stand up against bears, mountain lions, and even the most energetic pets. They will keep your pets safe inside and wildlife out of your home or business while still providing you with peace of mind knowing that your property is safe from intruders.

Final Thoughts on Why you Should Invest in Premium Security Screens

To sum things up, security screens are a smart investment for both homeowners and business owners. Not only do they provide peace of mind that your property is safe from intruders, but they also offer financial savings through reduced insurance premiums and energy costs due to their UV ray blocking capabilities. Additionally, you will appreciate the added convenience of not having to worry about constantly checking security cameras, setting alarms when away from home, or even having to deal with the worse case scenario of handing your footage over to police after your property has been burglarized, knowing that there is a very small chance the perp will ever be brought to justice. Leaving you with the uncomfortable feeling that your home, your safe space has been violated by an intruder.

Investing in security screens may be expensive initially but it can save you thousands in the long run while providing extra protection against natural disasters like hurricanes as well as keeping pets and children inside and wildlife outside. With all these benefits, why wouldn’t you invest in top-quality security screens? Contact Security Plus Las Vegas today to get a free consultation today! And like we always say, whether you buy from us or from one of our top competitors, do yourself and your family the favor of purchasing security screens for these are one of the only products on the market that will STOP a break in before it ever happens.

Did you just get your free estimate on an order of premium security screens for your home and are ready to take next steps? Well if you live in a home community with an HOA then before signing the papers on your order make sure you recieve approval from your home owners association. Check out our quick 3-step HOA guide to learn how easy it is to get your order approved by your HOA.

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