HOA Approval Process; Easy as 1 – 2

So you’ve already received a quote on your security screens and are ready to take the next step in the process, but live in a Homeowners Association (HOA) that doesn’t clearly lay out their HOA approval process requirements. 


“What do I need?” You Might be wondering!


Not to worry. We have assisted many of our clients with their approval process and have never been denied by an HOA before.


The approval process is simple and can be defined in the following two simple steps, but first it’s always great to know your rights as a homeowner in the state of Nevada.

Homeowners Nevada Code

Unlike many states, Nevada is a “right to own” state. That means that you have certain protections and rights as soon as your homeowners association membership agreement has been signed by both parties – which can be done at any time prior or after signing! 


According to Justia US Law, under the 2010 Nevada Code Title 10 Propert Rights and Transactions, Chapter 116 Common-Interest Ownership (Uniform Act), “An association may not unreasonably restrict, prohibit or withhold approval for a unit’s owner to add shutters to improve the security of the unit…” Security screens are an important exterior mounted safety feature that offer protection to both the windows and doors of your home. They are perfect for those who want to keep their windows and doors open for fresh air but also have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your family is safe from intruders.


Now that we know we have the right to install security screens in our homes, let’s get down to business with your HOA approval process!

HOA Approval Process – STEP 1

The Architectural Committee Review (ARC) form is a simple, single page document that can be acquired by either having your HOA email it to you or by downloading it from their website. Be sure to fill out all the information on this screening tool for this tool will allow the board to make an informed decision about their future plans with respect to architecture and design in order not affect any existing homeowners’ investments negatively during construction projects which may result from these decisions!


Under the category “Description of Improvement or Modification,” indicate the number of both window and door screens, as well as the color of both the frame and mesh of the security screens to be installed.


NOTE: Using the color “black” to describe the mesh of your screens tends to be a concern of many HOAs. Instead, use the descriptive color “Charcoal” since HOAs tend to have no issue with this color choice.


On the right  is an example of the ARC form you will need to acquire from your HOA.

HOA ARC Form example

HOA Approval Process – STEP 2

Once you sign the ARC form, submit it to your HOA along with photos of the screens to be installed. During your consultation you can take photos of the color swatch and mesh color that you can upload with your form when submitting or just head over to our security screen gallery and grab a photo from there to submit with your ARC form.


Once your HOA has approved your ARC form, give us a call back at 855-587-5871 to let us know so we can submit your order.


We hope this quick article was helpful at answering any questions you may have had about your HOA approval process. If you or anyone in your home have any concerns about how secure your home is fom a cyber attack, head over to our last blog post to learn how you can better protect your family and home from becoming another victim of a cybercrime.

Protecting Tomorrow, Today.

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