Reasons To Get Solar Security Screens

Solar security screens for windows and doors offer the perfect solution for homeowners looking to protect their homes against pests, bugs, and sun heat while maintaining good airflow as well as an uniterrupted view of the outdoors. Solar screens are typically made of a PVC-coated polyester fabric and they are specially designed to minimize the amount of heat transfer that occurs through windows and glass doors. However, Security Plus Las Vegas’ solar security screens are more long-lasting, offer a higher level of protection compared to regular screens and they are much more efficient at shading and protection than other techniques such as window tinting because they are made out of high-tensile steel mesh that is woven together. By having solar screens installed on your windows and doors, you will enjoy many energy-saving, money saving as well as health and security benefits.

Solar security screens are installed on the outside of your windows and glass doors and act as a barrier between the harmful UV rays and your home. This helps to prevent your home from heating up, thus keeping your electricity and cooling costs down. The obstruction of UV rays from the sun also presents many other benefits such as preserving your valuable furniture and interior decor.

There are many other compelling reasons why you should consider investing in solar screens for your home or business:



1) Keep Your Home Cool



On a bright sunny day, the heat from the sun radiates into your home through the windows and glass doors. This heat becomes trapped in your home causing the indoor temperature to rise significantly. However, when you have solar screens, you help to keep a cool and constant indoor temperature as the screens are designed to block up to 60% of the sun’s heat from reaching your windows and glass panes and entering your home. In warm climates, such as Las Vegas, Nevada, solar security screens can help cool your home by up to 5 degrees. This also means that you get to keep your electricity costs down.


With everyone currently in the quest to make their homes more eco-friendly, installing solar security screens is a great step in the right direction.

2) Protect Your Furniture and Interior Decor


The sun’s UV rays can have detrimental effect on your beautiful decor. Harmful UV rays are known to alter the chemical bonds in certain objects and if exposed for extended periods of time, your furniture and carpets can start discoloring and fading. Your valuable items may seem bleached and faded, and you definitely don’t want to deal with expensive replacement or refinishing projects. To protect your interior decor from sun damage, you should definitely consider installing solar screens. As discussed above, solar screens are designed to keep out up to 60% of the sun’s rays.


3) Solar Security Screens Minimize that Annoying Glare


The sun is always a great source of natural light. We all love opening our windows every morning and letting the light from sun lit up our interior spaces. However, direct sunlight usually leads to a lot of glare which often leads to discomfort and headaches. It also makes reading or using our devices more difficult. Fortunately, solar security screens help to keep glares at a minimum while letting in the natural light we want, allowing for a more comfortable and productive time.

4) Increased Privacy During The Day


One of the best things about having solar security screens on your windows and doors is that it helps to maintain excellent outward visibility while limiting outside visibility into your home. This means that you can clearly view your surroundings while in your home but any unwanted prying eyes outside your home can’t see the inside of your home. This is very beneficial to those who value their prvacy but live in a high traffic areas.


5) Increased Security with Solar Security Screens


Security screens for windows and doors function pretty much the same way as solar screens only usually, as stated above, they are made out of completely different materials. Thanks to Security Plus’ innovative and patented technology, their stainless steel security screens offer a high level of security as well as all the benefits of traditional solar screens. They allow for easy flow of air, uninterrupted view of the outside while still maintaining a high level of security. Window and door Security screens are well-tested and have been found to greatly reduce the chances of buglarly. With security screens for doors and windows, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds, the thermo reductive cooling properties of solar screens as well as the increased security of security screen products.

There are many reasons why you should install solar security screens on your home or business, the reasons above are just the top 5. We hope you found this article informative. Here at security Plus we not only want to help individuals and families but we are also striving to make an good impact on our environment by helping to reduce carbon emissions generated by the high power demand throughout the United States.

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