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Standard Glass Breaks, Our Las Vegas Shatterproof Glass Doesn’t. At Security Plus we Leverage ROCKGLASS™ to Manufacture the Most Innovative Glass Series that Not Only Won’t Shatter, but Offers the Highest Resistance to Vandalism Making Graffiti Removal a Breeze. 

ROCKGLASS™ also Drastically Reduces both Sound and Heat from the Outside Protecting More than Just Bullets. Yes, it’s Bullet-Resistant too, Commonly Called Bulletproof Glass which is Glazed for Both Commercial and Residential Applications. 

Because it’s ½ the Weight of Standard Glass ROCKGLASS™ Further Preserves the Integrity of the Structure’s Foundation due to the Sheer Pressure Alleviated from each Opening. Whether it’s a Curtain Wall, Metal Door, Skylight or Any Other Application, we Can Install our Glass Anywhere Standard Glass Panes Are. 

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Las Vegas Shatterproof Glass Benefits

Shatterproof Glass
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RockGlass Advantages

ROCKGLASS is up to 200x Stronger than Standard Glass Making it Unbreakable Against Nearly All Impacts. Given the Wide Spectrum of Benefits ROCKGLASS can Find a Home in any Sector. Whether it’s a Fast Food Chain, Bus Stop, Strip Mall, Venue, Arena, Construction Vehicle, Business Center, Community Area, Public and or Private Building, Each Benefit from ROCKGLASS Preventing Scratches, Scuffs and Vandalism. Shatterproof and Impact Resistant, it Stands Against the Most Detrimental Attacks. We Commonly Hear the Term “Bulletproof” Which is What People Commonly Refer to Bullet Resistant or Shatterproof Glass as. However, if we Are Getting Technical, Nothing is a 100% Full Proof Means Against Bullets and or Impacts. We’ve Found That the Durability of ROCKGLASS Surpasses the Industry Standard in Security with a Lifecycle Built to Last as Long as the Building it’s Installed Upon and Beyond the Beefiest Tools a Burglar Would Have. Whether it’s to Protect Your Business, Preserve Your Property or Save on Your Energy Bill ROCKGLASS offers the Dynamic Solution for it All. 

See the Security Plus Difference From the Reviews of Our Customers

At Security Plus, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled customer service and the invaluable peace of mind that comes from safeguarding both homes and businesses throughout Clark County.

Our beautiful new sliding screen door is in place. They look good, allow for a clear view and are secure! This sliding screen door was custom fitted for our home and is guaranteed to prevent a break in. Worth every penny for the peace of mind it has given us. Thank you Security Plus, for the great service & product.

Barb L.

I wanted to add an additional layer of security to my home, so I decided to go with Security Plus. They were amazing to work with; I was able to get a quick consultation and the installation process was seamless. I was extremely satisfied with the process from start to finish and I can sleep easy knowing my home and loved ones are more protected than ever!

Corey Kuramoto

My family had security screens on our last house and I thought I loved them then. Just happened to stumble across these guys when looking for security for our new home and bar none, no other security screen holds a candle to theirs. As if their quality wasn’t already a line in the sand, their customer service is the white glove experience through and through.

Duong The Hien

shatterPROOF Windows

Our Las Vegas Shatterproof Glass or Otherwise Commonly Understood as Bullet Resistant Glass and Aluminum Windows User an Industry-Proven Pressure Plate Design and Are Engineered to Provide all Types of Security for our Customers Including Simultaneous Bullet and Blast Resistance. We also Have a Select Line of Products that Offer a Full Thermal Break so You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Energy Conservation for the Protection of Your Home or Business. 



  • Our Team has Extensive Experience in Security Glass Laminates and Can Assist Your Security Project in Determining the Appropriate Level of Glazing Required for Your Project at a Competitive Price. 
  • Standard Finish on all Aluminum Products is Clear, Bronze and Solar Controlled. Custom Color, Brass and Stainless Steel Cladding Are also Available. 
  • Standard Finish on all Steel Products is Prime Paint. Custom Color, Brass and Stainless Steel Cladding Are also Available.

shatterproof Doors

Security Plus’ High Security Shatterproof Glass Doors are in Fact Bullet Resistant and Designed to Provide the Highest Degree of Resistance Against all Types of Intrusion while Offering a Modern and Aesthetically Pleasing Appearance. The Long-Lasting Durability with a Light-Weight Composition Makes it an Obvious Choice for People Looking for the Best in Class for Their Security. Our Doors Incorporate Premium Hardware and are Reinforced to Ensure Your Door will be Reliable and Easy to Operate and Maintain.




  • We Offer Solutions for All Single and Multi-Panel Doors, including Swinging, Stacking, Sliding  or Motorized Breakaway Functionality. Glass Sidelights and Transoms are Available. 
  • Standard Finish on all Aluminum Products is Clear, Bronze and Solar Controlled. Custom Color, Brass and Stainless Steel Cladding Are also Available. 
  • All Doors are Custom Made and Can Be Designed to Interface with any Building Automation and or Electronic Security System.


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