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Security Plus and Las Vegas Crime Prevention

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In light of the growing number of break-ins throughout Las Vegas and the surrounding communities we are thankful to see that many neighborhoods are coming together and cooperating with local businesses to help improve Las Vegas crime prevention efforts and bolster the safety for all. Developments are sprouting by the dozens and people continue to pour into Nevada finding that Las Vegas is a great place to call home, however, with the population steadily increasing and the standing economic climate we are unfortunately witnessing a rise in burglaries in both commercial and residential areas. With the oversaturated landscape of alarms people have become accustomed to hearing alarms go off through everyday mishaps here and there forgoing the purpose of alerting someone who is all too familiar with these horns and buzzers. Video surveillance doesn’t serve awareness past YouTube as given the COVID-19 compliance measures, it is not unusual for someone’s face in near entirety to be covered. This leaves you on a manhunt not knowing much more than someone’s height and the clothes they may have worn when they burglarized your home. 

Fortunately, our security screens are an exclusive offering to stop a break-in from ever happening in the first place. You can find our continued community involvement throughout local lunch and learns through the Sun City communities and affiliated participation with local law enforcement to aid in delivering value for our neighbors in and out of business. Furthermore, Security Plus is proud to collaborate with neighborhood watch groups to support fundraising that help fund communal safeguarding of our local families that may not be in a position to provide home security for themselves and their families otherwise. A key instrument in ensuring that these provisions continue to develop throughout Clark County is by disrupting the negative conditions through educational and cooperative integrations. For more information on how you can get involved and lend a hand in our safety plus initiative email us info@securitypluslasvegas or call a member from our team at 855-587-5871


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