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Rated Best in Las Vegas Bulletproof Glass

Here at Security Plus we leverage United States Bullet Proofing, Inc. (USBP) to manufacture the most
advanced Las Vegas bulletproof glass for bullet and/or blast, storm impact and forced
entry protection.

Our job is Protecting People and Property®, and we take that responsibility very seriously as evident
in the pride, attention to detail and selection that goes into providing the high-caliber quality
products that our partners manufacture. Demand the very best, especially when your life or the
lives of others depend on it.

We look forward to helping you with your next security project.

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Las Vegas Bulletproof Glass Security Ratings & Testing

Ballistic Standards

The most common ballistic standards are UL 752 and the National Institute of Justice (NIJ). Both are summarized below.

When ordering products, please specify the required level of ballistic and/or blast protection.

Security Plus Bulletproof Glass Ballistic Standards
Bulletproof glass ballistic standards by Security Plus

Blast Resistant Standards

The graphic and table show the performance criteria for blast resistant products.

Specify performance condition and impulse when ordering a blast resistant product.

NOTE That ballistic and forced entry protection can also be specified and achieved in a blast resistant product.

Las Vegas Bulletproof glass blast resistant standards

High Security Doors

Security Plus’s high security Las Vegas bulletproof glass doors are designed to provide all types of protection while offering a modern and aesthetically pleasing appearance and long-lasting durability with a light-weight composition for easier handling. Our doors incorporate top quality hardware and a reinforced heavyweight hinge to ensure your door will be reliable and easy to operate and maintain.




  • The USAD 1000 door is available as single or double doors swinging or sliding configuration. Glass side lites and / or transoms are available.
  • Standard finish on all aluminum products is clear or dark bronze anodized. Custom color, Kynar paint, brass and stainless steel cladding are also available.
  • All doors are custom made and can be designed to interface with any building automation and electronic security system. Available with a wide range of hardware options including commercial mortise locksets, rim mounted exit devices, magnetic locks and automatic operators.
  • All doors shipped factory assembled and finished with ballistic glazing. Single doors are shipped pre-hung in USBP’s security frames.


High Security Windows

Our Las Vegas bulletproof glass and aluminum windows use an industry-proven pressure plate design and are engineered to provide all types of security for our customers including simultaneous bullet and blast protection. We also have a select line of products that offer a full thermal break so you don’t have to sacrifice energy conservation for protection in your building.




  • USBP has extensive experience in security glass laminates and can assist you in determining the appropriate level of glazing required for your project at a very competitive price.
  • Standard finish on all aluminum products is clear or dark bronze anodized. Custom color, Kynar paint and brass and stainless steel cladding are also available.
  • Standard finish on all steel products is prime paint. Custom color, paint, aluminum, brass and stainless steel cladding are also available.
  • ACCESSORIES: Select products are available with built-in accessories such as deal trays, communication devices or transaction drawers. Contact USBP or refer to our accessories section for more details.

Wall Armor

Security Plus Las Vegas offers a complete line of fiberglass and steel wall armor to ensure the walls of your facility are fully protected.

Wall armor is ideal for all of the walls which surround bullet resistant curtain walls, storefront or transaction systems to ensure you have a complete and formidable protective barrier for your facility.




  • BALLISTICS: UL 752 Levels 1-8 and NIJ I,II-A, II, III-A, III
  • STANDARD PANEL SIZE: 48” x 96”’ with custom sizes available

High Security Louvers




(Tested to listed or equivalent standard)


  • BALLISTICS AND FORCED ENTRY: DOS STD SD 01.01 Rev G, High Power Ballistics 15 FE/BR

High Security Accessories

Voice Communications

High Security Voice Communication
High Security Accessories offered by Security Plus Las Vegas
Security Accessories for Las Vegas Bulletproof Glass

Trays + Drawers

High Security Tray
Bulletproof Glass high security tray
Las Vegas bulletproof glass security tray
Security Plus Las Vegas offers bulletproof glass trays
Las Vegas security trays for bulletproof glass
bulletproof window security tray

Las Vegas Security screen Options

Las Vegas Security Screens improve air flow

Single Hinge Security Screen Doors

HOA-Friendly, you can Customize Our Security Screen Doors to Match Your Existing Home or Business' Style and Color, While Providing you with Superior Protection.

Las Vegas Security Screens improve air flow

Bi-Fold And Sliding Security Screen doors

We Offer Single, Double, Triple and Even Quad Security Sliding Screen Doors to Fit Patios, Balconies, and Other Large Openings. Security Plus' Security Screen Doors Come With New Sliding Tracks, as well as Our Unique 3 Point Locking System

high tensile aircraft steel security screens las vegas

Security window Screens

Our Premium Security Window Screens Not Only Provide Clear Vision, but They Also Provide Excellent Ventilation, and Upgraded Security. Giving You the Protection You Deserve with a Style that Compliments Any Home or Business.

protect your loved ones and valuables

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