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Las Vegas Security Window and Door Screens faq

What are security screens?

Security screens look like standard fiberglass screens however these premium screens are composed of high tensile steel mesh that is woven together. Their Aluminum frames have a triple interlocking system, as well as, a patented security clamp that fastens into the woven mesh that provides a reinforced grip when immense pressure is applied to the screen.

What is the cost of security screens

Since every screen is custom built to order it can be difficult to give a specific price. However, if you are looking to have a triple interlocked, single hinged security screen door installed, your budget should be between $1400 to $2000.

do you have a financing offer available?

Yes, we offer interest free financing for those who qualify. 

is there a warranty offered?

Yes, there are 3 warranties

1) A 1 Year warranty on the door mechanics – hinges, locks, handle and rollers

2) A 10 Year warranty on the mesh and sash against rust, corrosion or peeling

3) A Lifetime Warranty covering up to $5000 in damages caused by a break-in as well as the full cost to repair or replace your screen(s) damaged by a burglar

Not covered under the warranty is normal wear and tear or if the door is damaged in any way apart from a break-in

Do your screens provide solar protection?

Yes, our security screens are tested and proven to block out 60% of harmful UV rays. Meaning, our solar security screens keep your home about 5 degrees cooler on average, reducing costs of continuously running your AC unit.

Do your security screens rust, fade or weather?

No, our security screens have a marine grade coating on them that prevents tea staining and rust normally caused by being exposed to the elements.

 Low Maintenance – Just wipe the door off with a wet rag.

what color options do you have available for the frames?

We offer 7 standard colors as well as endless color customization to complement your existing color scheme for an additional fee

1) White

2) Traffic Black

3) Brown

4) Sahara Brown Metallic

5) Paper Beige

6) Sahara Grey Metallic

7) Light Gray

Do you offer a refferal program

Yes! For each customer you refer, you will receive a $100 Visa Gift Card after their installation is complete.

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Security Plus Las Vegas offers financing for Security Screens

0% Interest 

Security Plus Las Vegas offers a life time warrenty on our security screens

Lifetime Break-In Warranty

security plus carries Meshtec security screens

Manufactured by Meshtec

protect your loved ones and valuables

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